Best casual men’s wear for 2016 Posted on 05 May 10:47

Best casual men’s wear for 2016

There is no way to deny that women are much pickier with clothing than men will ever be, but the modern man is as much of a fashion enthusiast as any woman out there and this means that the men’s fashion industry is growing at a very fast pace. In this article, we are going to be talking about the most popular and top choice for men in casual wear for 2016.

Cardigans are huge right now

This is probably the best of all the casual styles for 2016 because it provides a very elegant and classy look. You can choose from a variety of cardigans that are available out there and they can be worn perfectly with denim. They provide a comfortable and style that is perfect for cold days of winter. This is a look that is going to make any guy look sophisticated.


The jeans with a V-neck

This is a very common and very popular combination that many men are finding to be extremely appealing to them. It combines the power of casual looks with the growing trend of using V-necks for casual wear. The long sleeved v-neck is probably the most popular with a pair of jeans that looks modern and worn out.

The collared shirt with full button up

This is something that people used to consider too formal for casual wear, but the truth is that the collared shirt look is becoming quite a trend for casual wear amongst men of all ages. Not to be confused with the polo shirt, this is a great fashion to have when you always want to look elegant even if in casual situations and you will still blend in perfectly.

The Bermuda is making a comeback

Yes, we once thought that this particular clothing item was far gone from the fashion world of men and it was for a while, but it has made a very strong comeback in the last few years and many men are choosing to wear the Bermuda with a polo shirt for a perfect casual combination. Sandals are the popular choice for this look.

Leather Jackets

The leather jacket and dark colored jeans with black boots is the rebel look that many men out there are choosing to go for.  This seems like it has been an ageless look that has been used in all generations and its a true statement of how powerful and the look can be for casual wear that goes against the normal expectations of what casual wear should look like.


Men’s fashion is in constant change, but the one thing that is always present is the need that men have to look their best with casual clothing being a priority for most of them. This is the reason why there is so much focus on casual wear when it comes to men’s clothing.

Being stylish in combination with being casual is the ultimate goal for men’s wear in 2016.